Punk Hairstyles

To be frank, punk hair is one of the most easily recognizable styles out there. For example, startling haircuts, funky styles, and extravagantly bold color schemes are iconic of the punk style. This does not mean that any original or unique hairstyle is punk: that would be ridiculous to assume. Punk hairstyles are rebellious and disregard fashion and the ‘norm’. Hair is to be unexpected, possibly random and completely based on individuality and originality. One of the first steps of achieving that unique punk look is to understand the true characteristics of the style and how they can be used to their maximum potential.

Generally, a huge percentage of punks will dye their hair in bright, unnatural colors, i.e. vivid pinks, purples, putrid greens, electric blues, and sunshine yellows. Anything not considered ‘normal’ is the main factor in deciding how to have your hair as a punk. The dyes are highly popular due to the extravagant loud neon colors achievable. The brightest color is normally applied to the centerpiece of the hairstyle, i.e. if you have a Mohawk, the Mohawk would be the brightest color possible whilst the rest would be a more muted color to exaggerate the Mohawk. The centerpiece is the most elaborate factor of the hairstyle, for example, a quiff, ponytail, Mohawk, shaved parts, dreadlocks, crown or bangs. All radical contrast and amazingly colorful shades can be included in punk hairstyles. An example of radical contrast would be jet-black hair with platinum blonde tips or green hair with red Mohawk etc.

Another main consideration and characteristic of punk hair would be the cut. The main factor for the way punk hair is cut is to disregard any mainstream styles and opt for the most unusually cut with the starkest of contrasts. A cut, which could be considered punk, would be where the bottom half of the scalp is buzz cut and the top is grown and left long and unkempt. Another example would be a more asymmetrical shape, i.e. long on one side and extremely short on the other.

Overall, the style and outcome of the dyes and cut define the punk haircut. The most common choice for punks would be a Mohawk. This style would be achieved by first growing your hair to a long length, then when it is long enough, you would have the sides buzz cut leaving a stripe of long hair from the center of the crown to the very bottom at the back. This would then be styled vertically with getting or wax to achieve the final effect. The Mohawk can also be a variety of lengths, from being two inches high to ten inches depending on personal preference. Also, another choice could be having the sides shaved completely or having the Mohawk styled into spikes.

Another style of punk hair would be, as it is generally named, the Flyaway. This is where hair does not even appear to be styled at all and is iconic of old school rock stars. This, amongst other styles, captures the essence of punk ideals, passions, and rebellious nature. Each style is completely outrageous, unique and completely true to the individual. Braids, loops, accessories, spikes and anything random or unexpected are all used to finish or create that iconic punk look.

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